Your gifts

The main nowadays activity of the Sancti Jacobi Organum Endowment Fund is necessary complete renovation of the Great St. James Organ.

We have colleted
4.707.806 from 50.000.000 CZK

It’s necessary to collect still 45.292.194 CZK to cover currently estimated budget in the amount of 50.000.000 CZK. 

We greatly appreciate the support of all donors and sincerely thank you for all donations of any amount. We regularly pray for all our donors and benefactors, and a Holy Mass is offered for them every first Wednesday of the month. As a souvenir reminding a contribution to the preservation of the great St. James organ for future generations, we have prepared the following rewards for our donors, graduated according to the size of the donated amount.

Account No.:  537 141 0001/5500

IBAN: CZ72 5500 0000 0053 7141 0001